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Our aim

             Charity and welfare

A Welfare program was organized by the members of the JKEWsociety on Human Rights Day. Medicine, fruits, clothes and many other articles of day to day use were distributed among the street children. A primary education program was also started by the volunteers. Books and other Educational stuff was also distributed free of cost among the children on this occasion.

            Human Development


The society has donated to old age care centers and is actively working among the society asking people to collaborate, donate and look after these centers also encouraging them to provide their hand and resources for these people by all possible ways.

The society organized a welfare program for Senior Citizens. The members of the society informed the mass about old age homes and the benefits they provide helping our senior citizens solve their problems. The program was well appreciated by the public. On the occasion of National Literacy day an education program was organized by the society. The main aim of this program was to make people aware specially those dwelling in slum areas about the importance of the education in their life.


The society has been conducting camps aimed at raising awareness about the ill effects of alcohol consumption. The volunteers of the society went into the villages visiting door to door to raise consciousness about the bad effects of smoking, drinking and use of tobacco. Help of posters and banners was taken to make the presentation understandable.

Apart from this the people who have given up the habit of drinking took a step forward by encouraging people to follow their path and the restrain from this habit.

It was demonstrated that thousands of people die every year because of use of tobacco and others of its kind.


Under the rural development program of the society the farmers belonging to two villages of the block of District were informed about the benefits of improved methods of the scientific agriculture. On this occasion improved seeds were distributed free of cost among the villagers. Apart from this they were demonstrated the methods of preparing vermicompost.

Further the farmers were demonstrated the bio-dynamic manures and were asked to encourage others to implement these methods of organic farming.


Sanitation, Drinking water, & Hygiene Awareness program was organized by the society. The main target of the society is to provide pure and clean water to the people, so the wells, Tube wells & ponds were cleaned by the members of the society.

The members of the society told the public about water which they use and inculcated in them the importance of conserving and consuming clean water. Society has been keenly interested in raising awareness about lack of good sanitation facilities in the slum areas.

Lack of good sanitation facilities is a curse for the majority of the urban population. Unfortunately increasing population has made the situation worse. All the efforts made by the civic authorities have failed to achieve the targets. There is need for voluntary organization to come forward and help the civic authorities in providing sanitation facilities to more and more people.