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Women & Child Health program was organized intended to spread awareness among women about their health, nutrition and sanitation needs that are usually overlooked by the society.

This program was volunteered by rural women in large number and it was felt by the attendants that this kind of program is very essential for women in our villages where there is lack of adequate information about their health needs. Further they were informed about the various schemes formed and executed by different Govt. Departments for welfare of the women in all fields of education, employment, technical guidance etc.

The women who participated in the program were informed about education and its essential role in establishing self-reliance of the women. Special emphasis was given on the need for education as it lifts the self-esteem and builds character of the women. They realized the importance of education and agreed to send their children particularly the girl child to school. Further, it was resolved that the society will further organize similar programs in the near future. A Swasthya Mela was also organized by the society at the Block of District.


No disease affects one’s life, the way AIDS does. HIV has become the biggest challenge before the mankind. The only way to escape AIDS is to be aware of all the ways in which AIDS can spread and make its way to ruin one’s happy life.

A camp was organized by the society at the Block of District to explain people about the causes of AIDS and the precautions that one should take at the time of taking injections, blood etc. Beside this the experts also described in details the reasons for cancer and the precautions need to be taken generally, to remain safe from cancer. The awareness campaign included road shows and small meetings organized in the villages.


The society has taken a number of steps including distribution of necessary equipment to the handicapped. Further, it has plans to establish a school for the handicapped. Other measures taken by the society include raising awareness about the handicapped so that they do not get separated from society. Apart from this the society arranged a painting competition among the disabled to explore their talent in this field furthermore society has plans to sell those paintings. The society is planning to establish a school for the benefit of the disabled.


Despite of so many claims made by the Government Authorities it is true that it hasn’t been possible to eradicate polio completely from our country. The need of the hour is the active participation of the established to work hand in hand with the govt. in this regard. JKEWS organized camps of Polio vaccination in the Block of district wherein a large number of children were vaccinated by the volunteers of the society. The camp also made sure that the parents of the vaccinated children were made aware about the TIKA KARAN procedure and its crucial role in protecting their children from this disabling disease.